*New In My Closet*







Here is what I got on my latest shopping spree at Nordstrom. The jeans are Wit & Wisdom. You can get them at Nordstrom in the Point of View department; if you don’t have a pair, at least go and try one on because they are super special! The jean material is stretchy but still durable but also comfortable. This particular pair is high-waisted and really fashionable. The pocket detail is also very nice.

The skirt was on sale and not my size, but I am so petite that this large works better than a small or medium because it fits on my hips and not my waist.

The two striped shirts are super sporty; that is why I like them. I can wear these to the gym and then run my errands after without feeling out of place or stand out-ish.

The last two tops are great because of the print. The purple is my favorite. I would wear these with a matching bra such as pink and black to look ultra fashionable. Then, I would pair it with my Wit & Wisdom jeans to show off the high waist. This outfit would look good with flats or heels.


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