Life Update

Hello Readers. This is another “Life Update”. I have done a lot of thinking and decision making since my last update. I have decided to forgo studying fashion design and merchandising. I know, I know; very sad stuff. I am going to continue working on Stephanie Nadine Designs though; just as a hobby and something to fill my spare time. I really like fashion and sewing so I will keep it a part of my life as much as possible.

What I have decided to do instead of fashion design and merchandising is Interior Design. UTSA has a wonderful interior design program that focuses a lot on architecture; which I adore! I will have a huge opportunity to work on my portfolio as well as enter some design contests! I will be starting my bachelors in interior design this fall. The campus is downtown San Antonio; it is so beautiful, surrounded by inspirational buildings and faculty.

Going back to school after my break will be consuming my life until I graduate. Studying interior design and architecture will be very fulfilling so the future is promising.

Upcoming: I will be processing some 35mm film today! Just some pictures I took with my Mini Diana of the garden and my friends and family. Keep checking back!


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