More on *Education*… In sub-Saharan Africa! “School in a Box”

I came across an article by Carmel Doyle on Twitter that relates to my last two posts. I want to share it with you!

To sum up the already short article, researchers at the Institute of Art, Design & Technology have invented School in a Box. What School in a Box is, is a resource for power, about the size of an average carry on suitcase, that provides electricity for the IPad pre-loaded with the curriculum, a projector, and speakers used by the faculty and students in sub-Saharan Africa.

The plan and goal for School in a Box is to bring sub-Saharan Africa “into the digital age”. Next week, 15 units will be shipped to three rural schools in South Africa.

What an inspiring step forward. This is a great example for someone who has an idea that progresses our world forward and encourages. We need to keep thinking along the lines of *Education* for EVERYONE around the world to realize our peoples full potential.

We can progress!

Read the article here.

Visit IADT website to learn more about School in a Box here.


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