Senator Jeff Wentworth’s Column for February 17, 2012

My mother and step-father asked me to read a column written by Texas’ Senator Jeff Wentworth titled, “Education and Skills for Today’s Jobs.” It was a really informative piece and I wanted to share a couple of points that relate to me and my future plans (read previous post).

He quotes a plant manager with Entergy at the Harrison County power plant saying that there is nothing wrong with starting with an associate degree. Wentworth then quotes “Texas Works,” a report on career, on the Texas Comptroller’s web site, that “warns that foregoing post-secondary training can mean a huge loss of income over a lifetime.”

He suggests that high schools should educate their students and their parents of “alternative educational options, including career and technical education.”

Overall, the column was hugely inspiring and motivating to read! I can’t wait to finish my business degree and continue my education in the FASHION WORLD! My dream job is to be a buyer for Nordstrom so there are many *skills* I need to learn for that job!~ All exciting things. :D I encourage you to find your passion and pursue it as your career or a part of your lifestyle. Even if that means more education! ;)


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